Hair Treatments

We can’t all have hair as fantastic looking as Beyonce every day. For every hair perfectly straightened there will be one that sits at an awkward angle. For every good condition we give, there will be a day where your sheen ends up looking like you forgot to have a wash.

If you’re wondering what treatments are out there for girls (and guys) who have issues with their hair, here are some of the most popular in the UK.

Keratin Straightening

Here’s something good to know when someone tells you that keratin helps to stop your hair from frizzing: its a complete lie. Keratin doe not smooth out your hair but that doesn’t mean it won’t help do your hair some good. Many keratin based shampoos (and some straighteners) that salons use will contain stiffening chemicals that like to cling to your hair, even when you wash it. The longer they can cling on, the stronger the bond will be to keep hair in place.

Brazilian Blow Dry

Another treatment much like keratin, a Brazilian blow dry is a professionally performed hair straightening treatment that follows the same idea. After hair is conditioned to a point where the lotion in locked in and dried, applying a LOT of heat can allow a stylist to form the hair in whichever way they want and that will mostly be in a voluminous yet straight look.

Follicle Tattooing

For men who have trouble with hair loss, especially if it happens at what is considered a young age, it can be hard to figure out how to style your hair without having to resort to a combover. Luckily with a tightly shaved head a fairly clean look to have, many men are now getting an alternative form of a tattoo on their heads. Otherwise known as scalp micropigmentation, the treatment involves a surgeon defining a natural looking hairline before using a needle pad which injects natural pigment a few layers deep.