Face Treatments

Your money-maker is the most noticeable part of your body but it can’t look perfect all the time. Anything from a pimple to a birth mark to sun damage can change the ay our faces look and can affect someone’s confidence. We’re very lucky to have cosmetic treatments in this day and age that can help look after problems on our faces without “facing” the risks of any severe damage.

Here are some popular treatments for the face and what they can do to help with very personal problems.

Non-invasive face lift

The way a face lift used to be carried out was a manual pulling of the muscles around the neck and literally tying them back to stretch the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Of course not only was this a disastrously dangerous procedure to carry out, but it also put a lot of strain on the face and gave a “pulled” expression.

Facelifts don’t need to be so extreme to do this nowadays, especially with non-invasive treatments with radio frequency to tighten. Yes, that’s right; we can now use radiowaves to tighten skin. It sounds like something out of science fiction but fractional treatments are becoming quite popular and common as an alternative for treating wrinkles and sunken skin. The treatment works by stimulating the skin with needles that emit radiowave energy and bolster sunken lines to bring them back in to shape.

Skin Peel

When texture is a big issue and there are lumps and bumps on the cheeks and forehead that don’t improve no matter how much exfoliation you do, a skin peel might be a good option. When someone has damaged skin or deep set acne they are usually given a steroid cream but this can only alleviate symptoms in the short time.

A peel might be a better option for someone with texture problems as will quickly breaks down layers of skin to inhibit a faster level of regeneration. Now this can sound quite scary having someone rub a cream on your face that will burn layers away, but it is the best option for helping bring some uniformity to skin again.

Laser Wart Removal


Moles and warts on the face can be something that simply gets in the way far too much. The old treatment for getting rid of warts was to make an incision and cut out the offending cluster of cells. This would leave a person with a small scar and discolouration where a wart used to be. Surgeons can now use lasers to get rid of moles and warts.

A laser can cut and cauterise simultaneously to minimise the chances to bleeding and scarring.