Body Treatments

From top to toe there are so many incredible ways we can treat all type of problems. In recent years cosmetic treatments have come on leaps and bounds to help improve the appearance of the body, and nowhere is there more prevalent when we look at the mid section and stomach. To give some perspective on this I’m going to break down some of the pioneering treatments being used in clinics across the country to help people flatter stomachs and better definition.

Body Contouring

I’ve already mentioned how useful this is on the leg treatments page, but body contouring can be used pretty much anywhere to tighten up skin and smooth it out. It works by heating up pockets of the body where fat lingers and raising the temperature of those cells to the point where the body naturally reacts and wants to get rid of the fat. And when that fat says “Bye Bye” the surrounding collagen is triggered by heat to create stronger bonds, contract and tighten up. Through a continued cycle of body contour treatments over 2-3 months, a person can expect to see results akin to the image above.

Alevere Therapy

People who have trouble losing weight and keeping it of will have a lot of problems around their mid section as its usually the last place to see the results of all that hard work. Used along with body contouring, Alevere therapy is a dedicated treatment plan that uses a high protein, low glucose diet to get the body to naturally burn more fat and help get it used to wanting to use up fat reserves. It’s a great treatment for helping reduce waist size and tackle love handles.


Not so long along when someone wanted to go through liposuction, you’d be going through a procedure that was pretty much a full on surgery and that required a lengthy recovery time . Now though the idea of liposuction has come on a long way and nowhere is it more apparent than with Bodyjet.

The main problem with liposuction was that fat was forcibly removed and that put a lot of stress on the body. With Bodyjet (as part of the name implies) it is possible to use a jet of water to blast fat away and extract it around the belly. Water also has the dual property of being able to drastically cut down on any inflammation which is great for  helping the body heal quicker.